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Julia Calderone Science Writer




Julia is a senior editor for parenting at The New York Times. She is currently based in New York City by way of Los Angeles and northern California. Before joining The New York Times, she was an associate editor for health and food at Consumer Reports. Bylines also appear in Scientific American, Scientific American Mind, Reuters, NASA, Hakai Magazine, public radio, and newspapers.


Julia has a graduate degree in science communication and a B.S. in neuroscience and behavior from the University of California, Santa Cruz. In a previous life, she designed DNA-based sequencing tests for organ transplant patients.


Now, she is most happy when reporting on fads (of the wellness and food persuasion), microbes, neuroscience, food science, genetics, climate change, culture, and anything strange or disgusting. She also digs multimedia and enjoys dabbling in video, audio (podcasts and radio), and photography.

Her Consumer Reports story on hearing loss won a 2017 ASHA Media Award.

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